Key Indicators of Arizona’s Free Enterprise Climate

The free enterprise system is the foundation of the Arizona economy and the Arizona way of life. When common sense policies govern our markets, people flourish and opportunity abounds. Competition and individual rights are at the center of a strong, thriving economy.

Common Sense Institute Arizona believes that a shared understanding of how the system is performing can help Arizonans make fact-based and common sense decisions concerning the public policies impacting our lives.

The Rankings Book – 2023 Edition ranks Arizona nationally across key indicators, evaluating our state’s performance. The 2023 Edition includes the newest annual data available as of the December 2022 release.

Every Arizonan has a stake in the success of the free enterprise system. We hope this resource will educate and inform Arizonans, and ultimately serve as a key resource for upholding Arizona’s economic vitality, future, and individual opportunity.

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