César Chávez, Community Steward Fellow

César ChávezCésar Chávez, served in the Arizona State Legislature from 2017-2023, providing an integral voice to the legislative process. Throughout his tenure, Chávez focused on bringing commerce and employment to the State of Arizona, taking part in many conversations that have led to the state’s economic successes over the years; Intel’s expansion and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s investment. Doing so he was considered the voice of reason amongst his colleagues, bringing together two divided caucuses to find commonsense and pragmatism within good policy. This led to Arizona’s historic $14 billion budget passed in the 2022 legislative session, in which he helped lead negotiations which resulted in $1 billion dollars into public education, $1 billion for water infrastructure, $25 million for mental health, and $60 million for the Housing Trust Fund. As Partner of Oracle Strategies, Chávez, intends to continue his career with the same approach. Finding common ground amongst all positions, by compromising on concessions that can be found in agreement. All with the goal of ensuring that the interests Oracle Strategies represents are met, meanwhile upholding valued relationships built over the span of almost two decades.