2022 | June

New Study Finds Arizona Occupational Licensing Law Boosts State GDP, Employment
CSI, a research think tank dedicated to facilitating dynamic economic policies, estimates that HB 2569 will result in 2,361 universal licenses issued annually, and approximately half of those will be in the healthcare services and construction sectors where Arizona has experienced severe labor shortages.’HB 2569 reduces friction created to acquire licenses and allows folks to migrate and utilize previously attained licenses from their state’s jurisdiction while boosting Arizona’s GDP by roughly 5 percent,’ [Glenn] Farley said.
Chamber Business News: June 2, 2022
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Universal Licensing Netted Arizona Several Thousand Jobs, Study Finds 
In 2019, Arizona became the first state in the country with universal license recognition; if someone has a work license in another state, they can use that license in Arizona. Since then, 4,723 new work licenses have been issued under the law, according to a study conducted by the Common Sense Institute and the Goldwater Institute…CSI notes that healthcare and construction are the two fields that benefit most from universal licensing recognition; real estate is also in the top five.”
The Center Square – Arizona: June 1, 2022
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2022 | May

Arizona Has One of the Fastest Growth Rates in the Country
“The state [Arizona] added more than 13,000 jobs last month as the unemployment rate slipped to 3.2 %., the lowest Arizona has seen in decades. Glenn Farley of Common Sense Institute-Arizona says the numbers were an improvement over March. ‘The State grew at about a 4% rate year-over-year and bounced back up to 6th fastest growth rate country from the middle of the pack.’ He says manufacturing jobs grew at a 6% rate.”
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): May 23, 2022
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The Valley Has the Highest Inflation in the Nation
The Valley has the highest inflation rate in the nation. Prices spiked 11% in April from a year earlier, well above the national rate of 8.3%. Glenn Farley of Common Sense Institute-Arizona, which crunched the numbers says Phoenix was joined by several other cities that also registered double-digit inflation. ‘It’s up there with Atlanta, Florida and Texas; all these cities we historically associate with a low cost of living are currently experiencing really high inflation.’ He says it’s unclear why, but one theory is that economic activity has been shifting to these cities bringing inflation with it.”
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): May 13, 2022
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Study Finds Arizona Inflation Among Highest in the Nation
“According to a recent analysis by Common Sense Institute, Phoenix continues to lead the country in measured price increases, joining Atlanta, Tampa, Los Angeles, and Miami as the four cities with double-digit rates of inflation over the past year. Also of concern, inflation here and in these other cities accelerated over the prior readings, even as headline US inflation slowed marginally.”
Gila Valley Central: May 12, 2022
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Arizona Needs to Add 206,000 Housing Units by 2023
“Arizona needs 206,000 housing units more than its 2020 inventory if it hopes to keep up with the state’s population growth, according the nonpartisan organization Common Sense Institute AZ. According to a May 6 report by the organization, A typical home in Phoenix now costs $413,000 and a regular mortgage payment runs $1,772 per month, a rise of $681 in the last year. Arizona saw110,000 new residents from other states in 2020, and the growth is expected to continue. Current building rates show that the state will fall short of the necessary supply by about 11,000 units.”
Havasu News: May 12, 2022
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Arizona’s Home Buyer Misery Index is Soaring
That’s according to common Sense Institute Arizona which states the indexes averaged 100 over the past 30 years, but is now at 187 could rise to 200 by the end of 2022. Its analysis of state housing immigration data finds the mortgage payment on a typical Phoenix home has jumped by $682  a month in the past 12 months alone and a shortage of available homes for a growing population and rising interest rates are making things worse.
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): May 6, 2022
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New Flat Tax Instead of High Prop 208 Rate Will Boost State GDP by Billions
According to Glenn Farley, CSI-Arizona’s Director of Policy & Research, Arizona is the 11th state to adopt a simplified flat tax structure. And when the state’s 2.5 percent flat rate is transitioned in, it will give Arizonans ‘the lowest income tax rate in the country’ among the states with such a tax. Farley added that Arizona currently has a happy revenue problem, in that the State has experienced unprecedented annual growth in income and sales tax collections since Fiscal Year 2018. ‘Arizona is collecting at least $2.4 billion more per year due to the 2019 Tax Omnbius, passed by the Arizona state legislature, than it was under the pre-2018 tax base,’ the CSI report states.”
AZ Free News: May 5, 2022
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Flat Tax Ruling will be Good for Arizona’s Economy
A new flat state income tax that’s being allowed to take effect following the State Supreme Court ruling will be good for Arizona’s economy, eventually. It’s according to an analysis by Common Sense Institute Arizona. ‘It’ll take time with these things to school up but over roughly 10 years, by 2032 the state can expect about $60000 more per person, about 12 billion $ in higher state GDP,’ the group’s Glenn Farley says. In the short term, the state will take in less revenue but [Farley] says Arizona has plenty of cash in surplus to carry it through a few years.
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): May 4, 2022
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2022 | April

Get Out of the Office and Meet Your Real Estate Agents
Although the appeal of moving to the state [AZ] hasn’t dimmed, there are signs Arizona’s become a victim of its own success, even as memories of lockdown and the pandemic begin to fade. According to a recent study from the Common Sense Institute, inflation in Phoenix is 3% higher than anywhere else in the US, while Arizonans have reportedly faced a 10.9% spike in prices over the last year.”
Mortgage Professional Association: April 18, 2022
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Inflation in Phoenix is Higher Than Anywhere Else in America
Inflation here is higher than anywhere else in the country, according to a recent study from the Common Sense Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank based in Phoenix. Inflation hits all Americans, but none more than the Arizonans who have faced an unprecedented 10.9 percent spike in prices over the last 12 months — 3 full points higher than the rest of the nation.”
Phoenix New Times: April 7, 2022
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2022 | March

Common Sense Institute talks Inflation in Arizona
“Glenn Farley, (Directory of Policy) of Common Sense Institute Arizona says they broke down the numbers to demonstrate the impact the increase in the cost of living is having on the Valley. ‘Households in the Phoenix Metropolitan area are spending about $4500 dollars more a year to consume stuff as they were roughly 14 months ago.’ The Phoenix Metro area saw a 10.9% increase from a year earlier, Farley says. ‘We need to figure out how to fix inflation as opposed to waiting it out.’ Said Farley.”
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): March 14, 2022
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Common Sense Institute expanding in Arizona
“A nonpartisan Colorado think tank focused on protecting and promoting the economy is expanding right here in Arizona. Strategic adviser Daniel Scarpinato says the Common Sense Institute Arizona will have a different focus from other think tanks. Common Sense Institute is focused on ‘if you pass that, here’s the impact it would have on our economy over the next year.’ Said Scarpinato.”
KFYI-AM Radio (Phoenix, AZ): March 8, 2022
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Don’t Colorado My Arizona
“A think tank with roots in Colorado will launch in Arizona tomorrow. The Common Sense Institute plans to ‘examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that Arizonans are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives.’ Common Sense Arizona identifies itself as a nonpartisan research organization. T. Scott Martin, managing partner at Rivercrest Capital Management, the founding chair of the board, said in a statement that the current ‘partisan and divisive political atmosphere’ makes it difficult to get basic facts. ‘At CSI, we are guided by non-partisan dynamic research,’ Martin stated. ‘We don’t advocate – we educate.'”
Yellow Sheet Report – Arizona: March 7, 2022 by Bridgetower Media
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Common Sense Institute expands operations to Arizona
“Daniel Scarpinato, a former chief of staff of Gov. Doug Ducey who’s advising CSI Arizona, told Colorado Politics that CSI’s bipartisan and neutral approach to policy gives it a lot of advantage. He said Arizona doesn’t have ‘anything close to what CSI provides. I really do believe that CSI will prove itself to be a great source for legislators on both sides of the aisle,’ Scarpinato said.”
Colorado Politics: March 7, 2022 by Luige Del Puerto
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