Jenn Daniels

Jenn Daniels is an expert in navigating the complexities of municipal government. She has been an elected leader for over a decade, serving as a Council Member, Vice-Mayor and the Mayor of Gilbert, Arizona. Under her leadership, Gilbert thrived, becoming one of America’s most vibrant towns-earning several national awards, including the Most Prosperous City in America, Most Livable City and Second Safest City. As Mayor, she was committed to the future of Gilbert and, as part of the Town’s “City of the Future” initiative, was focused on innovating local government in the areas of fiscal responsibility, infrastructure and technology and community prosperity. Under Jenn’s leadership, the Town implemented advisory groups including Advancing Education in Gilbert, ONE Gilbert and the Executive Advisory Committee. During Jenn’s time in leadership, the Town achieved AAA bond ratings from all three rating agencies, opened three new parks, and transformed the Heritage District into a regional destination with some of the best restaurants in Arizona-all while remaining the safest community in the state with the lowest cost of service in the metro Phoenix area. Jenn has also been a small business owner since 2005.

Jenn has served on several regional and national boards and committees, including the Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Council, Regional Transportation Policy Committee, Greater Phoenix Economic Council, League of Cities and Towns Executive Committee, and Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, and as a Rodel Fellow for the Aspen Institute. In 2020, Jenn was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to a six-year term on the State Transportation Board. She also currently serves on the Women United Steering Committee and sits on the Board of the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Jenn’s experience spans a broad spectrum that encompasses both her public and private expertise. She has a deep understanding of transportation planning and policy, municipal strategy and engagement, including procurement, economic development, strategic communications, political strategy and policy analysis. She brings a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network to get our clients their desired outcomes.

Jenn makes being a mom to four kids spanning high school to elementary her top priority and spends her free time hiking, reading, organizing all the things and baking delicious treats.