July 5, 2023
Contact: Michael Kittilson

PHOENIX – Today, the Common Sense Institute (CSI) announced former state Representative César Chávez as the Community Steward Fellow. The fellowship aims to deepen the understanding of the impact of charitable giving and income tax credits in the state.

Representative César Chávez, public servant, policy expert, and partner at Oracle Strategies, will lead the research, backed by six years of experience serving in the Arizona State Legislature. Chávez, known for his pragmatic approach to policymaking, will co-author the report, which will analyze various aspects of the state’s charitable organization tax credits and their impact on the economy.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our newest innovative initiative – the Community Steward Fellowship. With Representative Chávez at the helm, we’re committed to provide a robust analysis of AZ’s unique tax credit and their impact on our thriving communities,” said CSI Executive Director Katie Ratlief.

“In harnessing the essence of public service and community stewardship, Representative César Chávez embodies the synergy of pragmatic policy and social empathy. His leadership in the Community Steward Fellowship not only promotes fiscal transparency but also illuminates the charitable sector’s pivotal role in Arizona’s thriving communities. Chávez’s tenure is a testament to the power of informed decision-making, driving Arizona towards a future where economic vitality and community prosperity coexist,” continued Ratlief.

As the Community Steward Fellow, Chávez will conduct comprehensive research into Arizona’s charitable sector and the significant role it plays in maintaining the state’s strong sense of community. The fellowship aims to provide evidence-based insights into the economic impacts of the unique income tax credit that allows Arizona residents to direct their tax dollars towards charities and public schools.

Key study elements will include a background and introduction to the state’s tax credits, an analysis of Arizona’s qualifying charitable organizations, and an assessment of the economic impacts. The study will also explore the implications for the state’s economy if these tax credits were to be withdrawn.

“The Community Steward Fellowship is a significant step towards understanding the integral role that the charitable sector and tax credits play in Arizona’s economy,” says Chávez. “We believe this comprehensive analysis will aid in informed decision-making, promote fiscal transparency, and provide valuable insights to our communities.”