Since its inception in 2010, Common Sense Institute’s mission has been to examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that Coloradans are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives. CSI employs rigorous research techniques and dynamic modeling to evaluate the potential impact of these measures on the Colorado economy and individual opportunity.

We have grown and evolved since then, and our future is brighter than ever. Joining Host and Chairman Earl Wright are President & CEO Kristin Strohm, and two new incoming Executive Directors, Colorado’s Kelly Caufield and Arizona’s Katie Ratlief. Earl asks each of them how they see the past, present and future of CSI, what their plans are once implemented, and key issues they see affecting their respective states.

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Kelly Caufield was the Vice President of Government Affairs at Colorado Succeeds, where she oversees the policy agenda, government affairs, and advocacy strategy. In this role she helps to lead statewide coalition building efforts that bring diverse business, education, and community partners together in collaborative ways around a shared policy agenda. She is passionate about strengthening the business commitment to improving public education, which guides her approach in leading the Policy Committee that approves the policy agenda, examines ballot measures, and advises on other key advocacy strategies for business engagement.

Katie Ratlief has over a decade of experience in economic development and public policy, including six years at the Office of the Arizona Governor where she leads strategic development, state policy/budget initiatives and legislative relations. In her current role as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Office of the Arizona Governor, Katie is responsible for leading the Governor’s Office advocacy efforts on impactful policies positively affecting Arizonans.