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Contact: Daniel Scarpinato
March 8, 2022

Welcome To The Common Sense Institute

New Non-Partisan, Arizona-Based Think Tank Is Focused On Elevating The Debate With Facts And Data – Rather Than Politics And Hype

Phoenix, AZ – The Common Sense Institute (CSI) launched today in Arizona – a new, non-partisan organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of Arizona’s economy.

At its core, CSI will employ rigorous research techniques and dynamic modeling to evaluate the potential impact of proposed public policies on jobs and the economy in the state of Arizona.

“We’ve assembled a robust team and board of directors and look forward to working with policy makers and community leaders to inform healthy debate and meaningful public policy,” said Daniel Scarpinato, a strategic advisor for the Common Sense Institute.

“In today’s partisan and divisive political atmosphere, getting the basic facts can be challenging. At CSI, we are guided by non-partisan dynamic research. We don’t advocate – we educate,” said T. Scott Martin, founding chair of the board of directors for CSI Arizona.

“I’m honored to be part of the team launching CSI Arizona. Never has it been more important to get back to basics – common sense. We must elevate our debates, and I believe CSI Arizona will help do that in the state of Arizona by refocusing us on facts, research and data,” said former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan, a founding board member of CSI Arizona.

The CSI Arizona Board has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the state and represents a diversity of industry, issues and perspectives. Board members include:

  • Scott Martin, Managing Partner at Rivercrest Capital Management
  • Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan, Principal Partner, The Keegan Company
  • Former Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, senior transatlantic fellow for the German Marshall Fund
  • Danny Seiden, President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Kim Sabow, President and CEO of the Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association
  • Daniel Quigley, CDQ partner and Vice President, Cohen Dowd Quigley

CSI first launched in Colorado in 2010. Martin said having a fact-based research organization has helped lower the rhetoric in Colorado and forge bipartisan solutions. CSI Arizona hopes to have this same impact in the Grand Canyon State.

“CSI’s evidenced-based, data-driven approach is gaining momentum,” said Common Sense Institute (CSI) President & CEO Kristin Strohm. “CSI Colorado has spent the last decade at the intersection of state and national politics, and successfully provided facts to citizens to help make common sense decisions about policies. Because of these successes, we are pleased to launch CSI Arizona.”


Common Sense Institute is a non-partisan research organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of Arizona’s economy. CSI will be at the forefront of important discussions concerning the future of free enterprise in Arizona and aims to have an impact on the issues that matter most to Arizonans. CSI’s mission is to examine the fiscal impacts of policies, initiatives, and proposed laws so that Arizonans are educated and informed on issues impacting their lives. To learn more about CSI Arizona impact, visit: